Happy 13th anniversary to our boys! Though it's awkward calling them boys at this point, they're already 5 grown and handsome young men. But nonetheless, happy anniversary!

To Jung Yunho, the fearless Leader. The magnificent dancer. The charismatic sunbae. The band appa.

To Kim Jaejoong, the Visual shock and Main Vocal. Also the goofy leader of JYJ. The Rocker. The band umma.

To Park Yoochun, the charismatic Tenor and versatile Actor. The soulful composer.

To Kim Junsu, the colorful (dolphin) Voice and Musical Actor. The Visual Maknae. Also the actual maknae of JYJ.

To Shim Changmin, the High Voice and snarky, but loveable Maknae. The tall bambi. The food monster. The band baby (aka YunJae lovechild).

To all you talented and handsome young men. Happy 13th anniversary!


Random Thoughts

I need to fill this journal of mine with something. I did create this for the sake of reading YunJae fanfics, but I have to make some use of this or something. I remember planning to use this to post YunJae fic recs. I really should try starting that and make good use of this journal and of my obsessive reading of YunJae fics.



I finally made a fandom account in Twitter! I do have a personal Twitter account. But the people who I mostly follow and who also follows me are actually people that I know in real life. I couldn't fangirl all I want since I don't want to unnecessarily subject them to my onslaught of fangirling. Hehehe. Anways, if anyone actually reads this post, you can follow me here. Let's have some conversation there, okay? Let's all spazz and fangirl/fanboy over YunJae and TVXQ/JYJ!!

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Answer for question 4308.

If you enjoy the Harry Potter book series, which book/year is your favorite and why? What are your favorite parts in that particular book? How do you think the movies compared to the books?
My favorite book would definitely be the 3rd book, The Prisoner of Azkaban. It was where the Marauders where introduced. The whole atmosphere was especially memorable since it was the start of their teenage years. You can see the characters slowly blossoming. It was also more or less the final book before everything turned dark.

In terms of the movies, I was fairly satisfied more or less. Although of course, there were inevitable disappointments. They omitted quite a lot from the books (remember Peeves?). Although it is understandable since you can only put so much in a 2 hour movie. The first 3 movies was alright in terms of keeping it loyal to the books. Only a few stuff was taken out. The 4th, 5th, and 6th movies weren't really though. The 7th and 8th were more okay. But Voldermort's death scene was a bit of a joke. Now in terms of casting, I think it was brilliant. They did a good job in casting the right actors for their roles. Although Michael Gambon's Dumbledore was a bit surprising.

Overall, I love the movies, but not as much as I love the books.
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Kim Jaejoong Military Enlistment

March 31, 2015 - D-Day
I can't believe that it'll be tomorrow. Our beloved Kim Jaejoong will finally be enlisting tomorrow. He just held the his last concert last night in Seoul, and based on reports and talks from fans around the web, it seems like it was an emotional and endearing event. Especially for Jaejoong. He seems especially concerned about leaving his fans for 2 years. His has this fear of being forgotten. Some people might not understand his fear and insecurity. But for people who are aware of his story (that of DBSK/TVXQ and JYJ), especially Cassiopeia, they fully understand where his coming from.

As a fan (albeit a newly minted one, been a fan for almost a year now), I am quite aware of the tremendous love and support that Jaejoong has (TVXQ! and JYJ are not to be trifled with, especially Cassiopeia and BigEast). But no matter how apparent that is, it's perfectly natural that he's worried if his fans will still be there when he returns from military after 2 years. I am sure that his fans will still be there. Although it's possible that the number will be less than it currently is. Some people's liking are fleeting after all. But I'm pretty sure he'll have no trouble winning them back. Jaejoong is one of kind after all. His one irresistible fucker.

On the brighter note, he did say that he will still be releasing new music while in military. YES!! Good news for us fans. I truly love his artistry. The thing is, I didn't become Jaejoong's fan due to his undeniable good looks. It certainly helped me notice him, that's for sure. But when I become a fan after I heard one of his songs. I was enamoured. I got hooked. His voice is just, ugh! Eargasmic. Through him, I started discovering TVXQ (OT5 and Homin era) and JYJ. I discovered the genuine talents of the Rising Gods of the East.

I already heard about them and the lawsuit from one of my classmates who happens to be a true blue OT5 Cassiopeia. I heard a bit about their story in my last year in college. But I didn't quite pay any attention. I was a bit curious, but my interest wasn't piqued to the extent that I researched everything for myself. I slowly got interested about them after I become a fan of Kim Heechul. How I become his fan is another story, this post is about Jaejoong after all.

Anyway, I wasn't even exactly a fan of K-Pop. Back then, I was baffled by its immense popularity in my country. I was still in the early stages of someone who is genuinely discovering K-Music. It was a few months after I first heard about them did I actually researched about them. And I liked what I found, read, heard, and seen. But the divide was especially heartbreaking. But hey, as what the OT5 and YunJae fans say, AKTF! Always keep the faith. It's a mantra tattooed on Jaejoong's chest. One of his many beautiful tattoos. If he feels insecure, I just hope that he remembers that tattoo of his. It'll help him to stay positive and hopeful towards the future. It should be the same for us, his fans too.

I hope Jaejoong stays positive. I hope that he has spent his time with his family and friends. I hope that the 4/5 of the Rising Gods of the East were able to comfort him and gave him their support. And yes, I am one of those OT5 fans obviously. One of those fans who believe that DB5K are in contact, are seeing each other, and are still brothers (or lovers in YunJae's case, or maybe not). There is a reason why they cannot be seen together or directly address each other in public as of now. Whatever the reason maybe, let's just hope it will not be a reason anymore in the near future.

Gawds, this post is all over the place. Sheesh. I don't usually write like this. I'm out of practice. Oh well, KIM JAEJOONG FIGHTING! DBSK/TVXQ! FIGHTING! JYJ FIGHTING! HOMIN FIGHTING!

Oh, let's not forget myself. ANGEL FIGHTING! Sigh, I need to post more in this journal.

About Me

Hello! I'm Angel, but you can call me Silver.

So, this post will be a lil' about me page. No, scratch that. It's not a page but an entry. Anyways, what can I tell you guys (non-existent readers) about me? I guess I should start off with my interests, specifically the ones that brought me here to livejournal. Now if I think about it, this is my first journal entry! Yey! After almost 1 year of creating this account, this is the first that I have attempted and successfully made a entry here. I think congratulations are in order? Haha! Not really.

Anyways, I'm yaoi reader. Or fan, or whichever is more appropriate. Basically, I got lured into LJ by my albeit dimming interest in reading yaoi manga and doujinshi. I made an account so that I can join the lovely communities responsible for giving me daily (more of nightly) dose of yaoi manga and doujinshi. Plus, joining those communities means that I can get my hands on those scanlations fresh off the scanlators hands!

I'm also an avid YunJae and SiChul fanfic reader. Although right now (as of this post, that is), I'm reading more YunJae fics than SiChul fics. Actually, I got into SiChul first and would only read yaoi fanfics that featured SiChul pairing it. But the thing about SiChul is, there's not much fics of it out there. It's very limited. But reading SiChul introduced me to YunJae and it's because of this pairing that I have barely read any SiChul fics these past few weeks. I guess because, this pairing's fandom is rather huge and have existed way longer than SiChul.

There's a plethora of YunJae fics out there and I'm like a little girl in a candy shop! Hahaha! But I think, one of the main reasons why I'm more into YunJae now is the fact that the pairing seems to be legitimate. The idea of them actually being in a real and legitimate romantic relationship is just so damn convincing. There are a lot of moments that crosses the lines of fan service. Moments that are too spontaneous and genuine to be a well thought out fan service. And the said moments are telling that it crosses the border of platonic to romantic. Watching those moments, I can help but support and ship YunJae. It's my OTP, the ship that can sink all ships. Haha.

What else?? Hhhmm. I don't really know what to say (or write). An 'About Me' entry isn't suppose to be too damn long, is it? Well, I basically have no idea what to do with my livejournal. But I'm thinking it's too much of waste not post anything here. I'm thinking of using this to post reviews and recommendations about fanfics (which are mostly YunJae and SiChul), manga and doujinshi that I have read. I could also post here and there about how I really got into reading fanfics and into the YunJae and SiChul fandom. Basically I'll be posting about anything related to my interests mentioned above. Although I doubt if I can post regularly. But I sure do hope that I can.

Anyways, thanks for reading (like there's really someone who bothered to read this shit)! You can drop me any comments or messages if you're interested in getting to know me (as if). I like to meet and talk to new people (I seriously do). It's fun and really entertaining. Besides, I need someone who I can fangirl with. I do not have any friends in real life that I can fan girl about my aforementioned interests. None of my friends are even aware that I like reading yaoi manga and fanfics. Some of them are aware that I have read yaoi mangas, but none of them knows that I have a collection of it. Hahaha!
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